If you are relocating abroad and need to transfer money, you may be bewildered by the various solutions available on the market. You may be considering where to send money, how much it will cost, and which firm to use.

This site will offer you with the right guide on International Money Transfer. This will show you the top 9 solutions for transferring money internationally. This article will help you trust a bank that sends money safely internationally. Clients are more empowered due to the availability of online money transfer methods, as well as the lower fees offered by these money transfer providers.

To get the greatest bargain, one should evaluate what a company offers when sending money online to another country, such as the exchange rate with affordable fees. What is an International Money Transfer and which businesses are the best for it?


What do you mean by IMT?


The International Money Transfer comprises sending money to a foreign company or a foreign person. This can be done through a bank (the traditional approach) or specific money transfer services. The funds are received electronically or in cash.


The increased use of peer-to-peer payments (P2P) and SWIFT has resulted in lower rates due to greater security and speed. To put the numbers into perspective, the US Treasury estimates SWIFT can handle $5 trillion in transfers each day, giving an idea of the market scale.


9 greatest ways to send money overseas




It has a perfect rating on TrustPilot and is a well-known name in International Money Transfer. It offers services that are not available in a single location that facilitates international money transfers. They offer same-day money transfers to over 170 countries in the same currency. Also, they offer some of the best exchange rates on the market, and isn’t that what all customers want? Not only that, they don’t charge a fee for


This company allows customers to receive and send money from their homes, and users can create personal accounts on their website to transfer money at any time, 24/7. XE enhances approximately 280 million customers per year via its website, and its app has been downloaded by around 60 million users since its launch. Companies like Walmart, Amazon, Apple, Google, and others use XE. Their services have helped move about $70 billion to another country.


XE is secured by Norton and approved by the FCA. Customers can join up for free accounts for business or personal use. This website tracks each customer’s money transfer 24 hours a day.




This is another International Money Transfer firm that does not charge a fee. This company allows buyers to pay by debit card or wire transfer. But it is limited in how to receive money and requires that the money be placed straight into the receiver’s bank account.


OFX is a worldwide recognized brand with offices in Canada, Singapore, the UK, the US, Australia, Hong Kong, and New Zealand. They have a rate lock-in option that allows clients to lock-in a rate before transferring money.


OFX supports approximately 55 currencies, including Canada, Japan, the UAE, South Africa, Indonesia, South Korea, Pakistan, Switzerland, Mexico, Poland, China, Israel, Russia, and many others. This company likewise tracks transfers and keeps track of clients’ transfers utilizing a private account on its website.


But this company does not offer same-day transfers. Certain parameters are addressed during transfers, but they can move money anywhere within one or two days, and up to five days for more exotic locations. On their website, they list all the currencies they trade in.




TorFX is another UK-based International Money Transfer company that has received a five-star rating from Trustpilot. Moneyfacts Consumer Awards for Best Customer Service and Exceptional Money Transfer Provider, awarded for four years in a row. This website likewise does not charge extra fees for international money transfers, but its exchange rates are expensive.


Creating an account on the TorFX website is simple. It only takes a few minutes to sign up. After you create an account, this company assigns you a personal Account Manager. Then you may both agree on a rate that works for you. Following agreement on a rate, you will be contacted to provide information about the individual receiving the funds. Then add funds to the account; they will be sent immediately to the recipient’s account in another nation.


TorFX’s best feature is that it is secure and safe to use. It has a level one rating from Dun & Bradstreet, a renowned UK agency, and is also approved by the FCA. This business has separate customer accounts with Barclays, a highly secure and reputable credit company.




This website also offers International Money Transfer and has a four-star rating from TrustPilot. This website offers competitive advantages as well as 24/7 account monitoring and servicing. It also enables same-day and next-day money transfers to other countries. If you are transferring money to someone who does not have a WorldFirst account, you will be charged an extra cost. This website is favored by many individuals because it deals with 187 different currencies.


WorldFirst has over 400,000 customers and over 100,000 business customers worldwide. The company was founded in 2004 and has successfully transferred over £70 billion. The greatest issue with this company is that there will be no transactions in the US after February 2019 due to a new platform named Omega.




For international money transfers, MoneyGram is a trusted name in the US. You may find various MoneyGram centers or go to the service desk. MoneyGram is the most extensively utilized international money transfer service. It has the most extensive list of countries to which they send money, with over 350,000 locations in nearly 200 nations.


This company can send money the same day, but if the bank is closed or closed, it may take a little longer. On a business day, they can transmit up to $5000 in a single month. MoneyGram is one of the most expensive money transfer services because it is offered in so many countries and uses high-speed transfer techniques. It has 3% high rates.


Another great advantage of this organization is that it allows people to get money without having to go to a bank because it has multiple physical locations where people can pick up their money without going to a bank.




It is also a well-known International Money Transfer provider in the US. It has similar characteristics as MoneyGram and operates in nearly 200 countries, but it outnumbers MoneyGram by 550,000 locations worldwide. They offer same-day or next-day delivery, however the charges are variable. This company also charges a much. It can go up to $5 depending on the transfer amount, and the inflation rate can reach 6%.


The advantages of employing this organization is that one can send money to a foreign country. Due to the plethora of sites and options to obtain money to an individual rather than a bank transfer.




This company was founded in 1996, thus it has a lot more history than other companies. This company has supplied nearly 250,000 customers recently. It doesn’t charge any extra costs for money transfers and its exchange rates are very low compared to other firms. The accounts can be created online from any device at no cost and in a short time.


For anyone looking for International Money Transfer, it has one of the finest ratings today. The company can only deal with 20 currencies. If you wish to send money to someone in another nation, you can’t use this company because it may not deal with their currency.


The fact that it is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and works in favor of their clients makes up for this flaw. Money Transfer Provider of the Year in 2018 and Consumer Champion of the Year in 2017.






It has worked for a decade and exchanged nearly $9 billion. The corporation has offices in Ireland, Australia, Singapore, the UK, and Hong Kong. Account creation is quick, simple, and free. It allows you to receive and send money to over 150 countries. Clients tend to prefer receiving money over sending money, despite the company’s offering both services.


Receiving money straight into one’s bank account is free, however receiving money from another account may incur a fee. If a third party is involved in the International Money Transfer process, there will be additional fees. The customer can ask any issue connected to money transfer and receive problems without waiting for someone to answer their calls on the other end.


Automatic transfers can be sent up to 2 weeks before the actual transfer date. These can also be changed or terminated at any moment. Their website has thorough instructions for setting up accounts, but if you have any issues, you can use their ChatBot service which is open 24/7.




International Money Transfers are safe and secure with this organization. It has roughly 12 locations worldwide and over 6 million clients in 59 countries. It charges a little cost of $1 + 10% of the total transfer amount per transfer. Compared to other companies, this is low. There are no hidden fees, and they have clarified the charges on their website.


Direct money transmission is accessible in various countries. Customers can also use credit and debit cards to move money between banks, or use Apple Pay. This company offers next day transfer, however not all transfers. The sender can transmit money at any moment, and the receiver does not have to receive it simultaneously. When money is sent on Friday evening, the receiver cannot take it until another institution or bank opens, which is almost Monday.


The main disadvantage of TransferWise is that it uses the precise currency rates that their government releases and adjusts its exchange prices accordingly. That implies that consumers must pay inflated currency rates to send money abroad.




This blog has explained what an International Money Transfer is and the top 9 best ways to send money overseas. Companies like OFX, WorldFirst, WesternGram, CurrencyFair, etc. You can utilize any of these companies, but keep in mind that their exchange rates may be higher than yours. So, be aware of these extra charges and use them wisely. Contact our finance assignment aid for online finance assignment help.