It can take hours to find the best human rights subjects. Why spend time when you may find some fascinating human rights subjects with only a few mouse clicks? Look over our list of 100 human rights essay themes and choose the ones that appeal to you.

You can compose a civil rights essay or a human rights violation essay in one day with our assistance. All of the subjects on our list are fresh and relevant in 2022. Of course, we’re always updating the list to ensure that you’ll find at least a handful of new topics every time you visit.

Expert Advice on Human Rights Issues


It is completely free to use our human rights essay topics. You can either utilize the subjects as is or rephrase them. Remember, if you require additional human rights essay themes, you can just contact us and request them. We aim to make sure that every student has access to exciting ideas so that he or she may write a human rights essay in record time and receive an A+. Without further ado, here is our list of human rights subjects. Also, take a look at our political science themes. Some of them may have to do with human rights.


Topics in Civil Rights


If you’ve been looking for the best civil rights themes on the Internet, you’ve come to the perfect place. We offer some of the best themes available online, all of which are 100 percent original:


  1. Factors that contribute to human trafficking in Europe.


  1. Define racism in the context of the environment.


  1. The Bible and its abuses of human rights.


  1. The prohibition on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender marriages.


  1. Workplace consequences of obesity.


  1. How to deal with racism effectively.


  1. Is it considered a human right to watch porn?


  1. What is the role of an ombudsman, and what does he do?


Topics for the Civil Rights Movement that are Simple


We understand that you don’t want to spend a lot of time on the human rights paper. As a result, our ENL authors have compiled a list of simple civil rights movement subjects for you:


  1. AIDS and the resulting social marginalization.


  1. Immigration and the challenges it provides to natives in terms of employment.


  1. What is child transitioning?


  1. An easy approach to make gay marriage legal.


  1. Bullying in our educational institutions.


  1. The consequences of racial prejudice.


  1. The most effective way to prevent racism.


Topics on Women’s Rights


You most likely want to write an essay regarding women’s rights. We’ve compiled a list of hot themes in women’s rights that you may use right now:


  1. In Asia, there is a lot of violence against women.


  1. Catholic teachings on women’s rights.


  1. Saddam Hussein’s treatment of women’s rights.


  1. War’s impact on women’s rights.


  1. Compare and contrast the rights of women in Europe and the United States.


Women’s Rights in The Handmaid’s Tale


Topics for Civil Rights Movement Essays


Choose one of these civil rights movement essay themes to surprise your professor. You can use any of these topics right now because they are all 100 percent original:


  1. Discuss the “Act on Belarusian Democracy and Human Rights” (US Congress).


  1. The Taliban vs. the human rights movements.


Immigrants and human rights advocates are the third group.


  1. The Second World War’s human rights movements.


  1. Discuss Asian human rights organizations.


  1. Human rights movements’ impact on child trafficking


Topics for Human Rights Papers in College


Do you want to write about human rights issues? Maybe you’re looking for a way to expose a human rights infringement. Take a look at a few of the best college human rights paper topics:


  1. Are gender-based human rights correct or incorrect?


  1. The concept of “universal education.”


  1. Human rights violations in the pornography industry.


  1. Does Israel violate human rights?


  1. Police abuse of human rights in the United States.


  1. Compare and contrast human and animal rights.


  1. In Eastern Europe, civil rights vs. human rights.


Topics for Civil Rights Research


Your civil rights would be an excellent essay topic. However, the topic you select will have a significant impact on your ultimate grade. Choose one of the following great civil rights study topics:


  1. Go over the Chinese Exclusion Act in detail.


  1. US refugee civil rights policies


  1. Civil rights for transgender people in Western Europe


  1. Police brutality and civil liberties in the United Kingdom


  1. Guantanamo Bay Detention Center Civil Rights


  1. Civil rights violations against indigenous peoples in the United States.


  1. United Nations Refugee Agency: Discuss civil rights.


Topics on Animal Rights


Animals, too, have rights. Our writers have produced a collection of really intriguing and completely unique animal rights issues. Choose one for no cost:


  1. Do animals have the same rights as humans?


  1. The fur industry’s negative repercussions.


  1. Medical research and animals.


  1. Experimentation on animals


  1. Animal rights and factory farming


  1. What are your pet’s legal rights?


China’s animal rights are number seven.


Topics for Human Rights Research


If you don’t know where to begin, researching human rights might be challenging. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best human rights study subjects available on the web to assist you:


  1. In Islam, human rights are protected.


  1. Compare and contrast women’s rights in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.


  1. The Human Rights Model vs. the Freedom Model.


  1. Human rights violations against minors in Taiwan.


  1. The establishment of the United Nations Human Rights Council.


Immanuel Kant’s opinion of the genesis of human rights.


  1. Organizations dedicated to human rights and their strategies.


Easy Human Rights Research Paper Topics


If you want to write an essay about human rights but don’t want to spend a week on it, we’ve put together a list of simple human rights research paper themes for you below:


  1. Examine the differences between universalism and communitarianism.


  1. Distinguish between Marxism and Universalism.


  1. Compare and contrast serfdom and slavery.


  1. Distinguishing segregation from apartheid.


  1. Islam’s subjugation of women.


  1. What does it mean to have a “Responsibility to Protect”?


Human Rights as a High School Topic


Of certainly, high school students can write about human rights. They should, however, choose a topic that is more manageable for them. Today, choose a human rights topic for high school:


  1. Discuss the first human rights declaration.


  1. Terrorism and breaches of human rights.


  1. What are sweatshops, exactly?


  1. Strategies for combating racism in the workplace.


  1. The Quran’s view on human rights.


  1. The European Commission of Human Rights’ mandate.


Topics for Human Rights Debates


Are you involved in a discussion on human rights? You must choose the appropriate argument topic; else, you will not receive the grade you desire. We’ve compiled a list of great human rights debate topics for you to consider:


  1. Is life imprisonment a violation of human rights?


  1. Should inmates have the right to vote?


  1. The importance of human rights in capitalist societies.


  1. China’s labor rights


  1. Human rights-protecting political regimes.


  1. Is it possible to legitimize torture in prisons?


Topics for Women’s Rights Essays that are Simple


It is not as simple as it appears to write on women’s rights. The topic you choose has a significant impact. Take a look at some simple women’s rights essay themes and choose one that interests you:


  1. The impact of immigration restrictions on women’s rights.


  1. What role does democracy play in the protection of women’s rights?


  1. The use of social media channels to empower women.


  1. Women’s rights in African countries.


High School Civil Rights Essay Topics


It’s not simple to write about civil rights, especially if you’re a high school student. Thankfully, we’ve compiled a list of excellent civil rights essay themes for high school students:


  1. In the United States, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people have equal rights.


  1. In Eastern Europe, gay marriage is legal.


  1. Discrimination based on gender in Western Europe.


  1. In Putin’s Russia, civil rights are protected.


  1. Ancient Greece’s civil liberties


Essay on Human Rights Violations


You must choose the best potential topic if you want to produce a fantastic human rights violation essay. After all, it’ll almost certainly earn you a few extra points. Choose one of our themes to receive an A+:


  1. The idea that women have a lower intelligence than men.


  1. Labor rights issues in the United Arab Emirates.


  1. A look at the history of child labor in Asia.


  1. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and its link to child labor.


  1. Violations of civil rights in Israel.




Essay on Equal Rights


Writing an equal rights essay might be challenging at times, especially if you have little familiarity with the subject. If this is the case, choose one of the following topics:


  1. The idea of equality of rights.


  1. Do persons in the United States have equal rights?


  1. Problems with equal rights in Eastern European countries.


  1. Take a look at the Equal Rights Amendment.


  1. Addressing the basic issue of equal rights.


  1. The Constitution’s Equality Clause.


Theme Essay about Human Rights


Are you currently working on a human rights-related topic essay? For your next paper, we have some really interesting human rights thematic essay ideas that you may use for free:


  1. Thematic essay about human rights breaches.


  1. Is there a violation of human rights in African countries?


  1. Is segregation a violation of human rights?


  1. Mechanisms for the protection of human rights that are democratic.


  1. In ancient China, human rights were denied.


  1. The Roman Empire’s Women’s Rights


  1. Discrimination against women in the workplace.