Are you having trouble coming up with a well-considered marketing research topic for your thesis? Finding a marketing research topic might be difficult. Marketing students devote a significant amount of time to assignments. They do, however, have the potential to make better use of their time and identify their genuine passions. Marketing encompasses a wide range of activities. As a result, selecting the ideal thesis topic can be challenging at times. This article is your rescuer in such a situation. We’ve provided you with some interesting and unique research topics in this article. In this blog, we’ve attempted to cover every topic. Topics range from marketing research to social issues.

The following is a list of all possible marketing research thesis topics.

  1. A Coca-Cola customer purchase behavior research.


  1. Distribution systems in small businesses and huge corporations. Compare.


  1. In today’s market, business marketing concepts and methods


  1. Companies’ use of CPR (Corporate Social Responsibility) to develop their brand.


  1. Market research and company sales Define their relationship, as well as their need and significance.


  1. Various market segments


  1. Globalization’s impact on consumer behavior.


  1. The global economic impact of Covid-19.


  1. How does television advertising effect a consumer’s overall mood?


  1. The impact of advertising during the recession.


  1. Fashion sector marketing strategy.


  1. As an example, Starbucks. Explain how to enter international markets.


  1. Opinions on celebrities endorsing products. The outcome and its impact on the return on investment.


Artificial Intelligence (AI).


Conversational marketing is number fifteen.


  1. Video marketing is a new marketing trend.


  1. Search engine optimization and digital marketing.


The influencer market is the most powerful type of marketing technique.


Management of marketing and social media.


  1. Email Marketing: Its Importance in the Market


  1. What role does information and communication technology (ICT) play in the supply chain market?


  1. ICT’s Impact on the Supply Chain Market


  1. Corporate Social Responsibility’s Importance (CSR). Use the example of Adidas to explain it.


  1. Use Pinterest to promote your content. Explain briefly.


  1. How can you increase your Instagram followers?


  1. How to Increase Return on Ad Spend Organically


  1. The benefits of following your competition on social media.


Dos and Don’ts of Social Media Marketing Strategy


  1. How do you make compelling content?


  1. The most effective and powerful promoting method.


  1. Consumer behavior and social media Their connection and mutual influence.


  1. Lead generation methods that work


  1. Marketing trends to expect in the future.


  1. Techniques for developing a captivating e-newsletter for public consumption.


  1. The value of a brand’s name, image, and reputation.


  1. Considered starting a business without marketing. Pros and cons are discussed.


  1. Effectiveness of Facebook advertisement promotion


  1. How frequently should a company launch new campaigns?


  1. Are social media giveaways worthwhile?


  1. How big should a giveaway be in relation to the size of the company?


  1. The entire content viralization strategy.


  1. Can Snapchat be used to effectively advertise?


  1. Innovative and effective campaign ideas


  1. The difference in quality between small business and well-known business products.


  1. Is radio still the main medium for advertising?


  1. Which is better for marketing: Facebook or Instagram?


  1. What’s the difference between Facebook and Instagram leads?


  1. Sponsored content that is clickbaited. The consumer’s impression.


  1. Social media marketing, advertising, and direct marketing to consumers. The benefits and drawbacks.


  1. BREXIT’s impact on UK financial institutions




These are all interesting research topics for marketing students. They’re also ideal for college students writing marketing thesis topics because the internet contains a wealth of information on each one. Before you begin writing, be sure you have read enough about the issue. Also, develop a thesis outline at the start so that you have a cause to get started on the thesis. When you’re completed, make sure to ask your instructor for feedback. Also, double-check for spelling typos, grammatical errors, and any other faults. If you require a marketing assignment, please contact our marketing assignment writer.


Question Frequently Asked (FAQs)


How do you choose the ideal marketing thesis research topic?


Regardless of the topic you choose. Make sure you’re interested in it first. Because being enthusiastic about what you write makes the whole process go much more smoothly. Sit back and consider what kinds of ideas might excite you and that you could write about. Also, before you choose the main idea, jot down a few others. Because it’s better to choose from a long list than to go with the first thought that comes to mind. This could take some time. But that is what this article is for, above 45 different topics in different aspects of marketing are given. You can go through it, we’re sure there will be one that might interest you.


How to make your marketing thesis sound more realistic?


A marketing thesis differs significantly from an essay thesis. So you can’t just ramble on about it. To support your main point, you must use facts. Also, double-check that your facts are well-supported by instances and references. That is only possible if you have fully researched the issue. On the themes mentioned above, there is a wealth of material available on the Internet. Before beginning the thesis, make sure you have enough information.


What should the framework of a marketing thesis be?


After you’ve found the right marketing research topic, you could be stuck on how to structure it on paper. As a result, we’ve provided you with this ideal thesis outline, which you can use or tweak to make it more personalized.


INTRODUCTION: Thesis Foundation




Defining the goal.


The thesis is stated.