Data visualization is a way to show data graphically. Charts, graphs, and maps can help assess data and information. It is possible to simply analyze data and identify oscillations, trends, outliers or patterns using data visualization tools.

There are many free data visualization tools available, so don’t worry about the cost. This article is for those looking for free data visualization tools. Data visualization makes uninteresting data fascinating by showing it in interesting ways such as graphs, charts, etc.

Free data visualization tools


  1. D3.js


It’s also called D3. D3.js is the first free data visualization tool. It allows you to easily construct sophisticated charts and graphs, which is why it is preferred over others.


As it employs open web technologies (SVG, HTML, CSS), it is cross-platform and may be used on iOS, Android, browsers, or desktop apps. In other words, if you use an ancient browser, you can’t support or utilize this extension. To utilize this free tool, you must first discover how it works.




The next free data visualization tool is fusion charts, which has 90 charts and 960 maps. So it meets all the requirements of developers and data visualisation experts. It also supports JSON and XML data formats. But it isn’t completely free; it has a price.




The next tool is Tableau public, which is very user-friendly. Free and paid versions exist. The free edition of Tableau offers a large footer for easy chart generation. Thus, it is frequently used by non-commercial users, while commercial clients must pay extra for cleaner, brand-free versions, etc.


  1. Charted


The following free utility charts data. It is simple to use and free. Simply upload a CSV file or a Google sheet link and it will automatically build a chart for you, which will be refreshed every 30 minutes. So it maintains the chart’s data source current.


Also, this program is free, and its source code is free, so you can run it on your web server for free.


  1. Google Maps


Google Charts is the next item on the list since it is incredibly user friendly and easy to use. This free data visualization application can create simple line graphs, bar graphs, or complicated hierarchical tree maps. This is free and suited for all tasks.


  1. Flot


It also includes its own charting library with various charts and graphs. It can plan, zoom, resize, and even switch data series.


  1. Chartist.js


Chartist.js is a free data visualization tool. It helps you quickly move from Excel to Word. It contains charts that are responsive and dynamic. This is why animated charts use it. It has a minimal JS library (less than 10kb) with no dependencies.


  1. Charts ap


This tool is well-known for its maps and charts. This application can use various plugins to allow you to use all the efficient features without javaScript. That’s why non-profits love this free data visualization tool.


  1. Wrapper


The free data visualization tool is called data wrapper. Users love its simplicity and developers use it to create interactive visualizations. This program requires you to upload a CSV file and then select the chart you want to plot. This is why it is usually used by journalists to effortlessly integrate live charts in their articles. Non-technical individuals utilize it.




Charts and tables are created using data visualization tools. It aids business analysts in assessing the company’s position. So they can quickly assess the company’s health. There are several free data visualization tools with extensive features. This article lists the most popular and free data visualization tools. Experts help with data science assignments.