It’s happened to all of us.

You arrive unprepared for an exam. Perhaps you spent the most of the night at a friend’s birthday celebration that you couldn’t afford to miss; you didn’t feel the need to study or go out on a date night with your significant other. You don’t want to fail for any reason, so you cheat to salvage your grade.



Cheating on a College Exam: Top Tips


So, what are some of the most effective test-taking strategies?


  1. Cheatsheet – As ancient as it may seem, cheating on an exam using a cheatsheet is still one of the most popular methods. You make a note behind the calculator or on an index card using this strategy.


  1. Inside the bottle wrapper – Carrying a bottle of water while taking a test isn’t considered a criminal, right? This is an excellent moment to scribble some notes in the bottle wrapper while the instructor is distracted.


  1. Earpiece – This method entails inserting a tiny earpiece into your ear with a Bluetooth connection to your phone, which has lectures and pre-recorded answers, allowing you to rake in all the points.


  1. Temporary tattoo – Write messages on your hand or forearm with some ink. If you have a sweater or long sleeve garment to hide your “tattoo,” this method works great.




  1. Text from a buddy – This is a tough one, so be careful. Have a buddy with access to your lecture notes or the internet. Allow your buddy to text you the answers to all of your queries. Have a clever strategy to swiftly receive such texts while remaining undetected.


  1. Mechanical pencil trick – This clever technique involves rolling a little cheat sheet into a barrel. After then, you may unroll it quietly and go through the notes.




  1. Use online writing assistance – This guideline is applicable to every essay exam. Find an essay writing service on the internet. You must tell them of the essay’s subject, length, and deadline. They will complete the paper at the agreed-upon price. To ensure that the essay is unique, utilize a reliable plagiarism checker.


  1. Wristwatch – Take notes on your phone and bring them with you on your smartwatch. When you’re “simply checking the time,” why should the instructor be worried about you?




  1. Google it – Open a browser on your phone and Google the solution to any query by discretely pulling out your phone or heading to the restroom.


Ways to Cheat on a Test That Have Been Proven


  1. Take a sneak peak — This is a tried-and-true method of cheating on an exam. First, observe what an excellent student writes while sitting near to them. Check to see whether the pupil is a good one. You could still fail if you don’t try.




  1. Study while sleeping – You’ll have to listen to those lectures while you sleep. You’ll recall everything and pass the exam by the time you wake up.


  1. The band-aid technique — Make notes on a sheet of paper and glue or tape it to your hand so that the side with the answers is in touch with your skin. To read the notes, remove the paper in secret. “All I’m doing, instructor, is cleaning the wound.”


  1. Split the burden – Work with a buddy to study a portion of the exam while your friend studies the other. To improve your chances of getting a “A,” sit close to each other.


  1. Gum wrapper – Get a pack of chewing gum ahead of time and scribble down your answers on the wrapper. You’ll be able to tell that you’re craving a chewing gum.


  1. My answer tie – Put on a tie and scrawl some answers on the back of the tie while you prepare for an exam.


  1. Calculator app – Bring a phony calculator app with notes with you to the test room. To ace the exam, get out your notes. It’s a great way to cheat on a math exam.




  1. The hat’s secret side – Test answers may be buried in the hat and no one will notice. Pretend to be stretched in order to have access to the information. It’s been dubbed “thinking your way out of trouble.” If you seldom wear hats in normal life, you should avoid using this strategy since teachers could suspect you.


  1. Taking notes on one’s fingernails — Many students utilize this technique to improve their exam results. You must use fake nails or write small messages on your nails. For answers, quietly examine the fingernails.




  1. Thighs and knees – A novel method of cheating on an exam is to write answers on your thighs or knees. Because they wear skirts, all females may adopt this method. When glancing at the notes, be cautious not to attract the teacher’s or students’ attention.


Ways to Cheat on a Test in a Novel Way


  1. Need to pee – Get a reason to run to the toilet, then use your phone or talk to a buddy to find answers.




  1. Transparent pen – Create a cheat sheet with a font size of seven and insert it into a transparent pen.




  1. Textbook snapshot – To gain the information you need, take a photograph of your textbook and look at it on your phone or go to the restroom.


  1. Laser pen – Using a laser pen, recreate a cheat sheet on paper. It’s an excellent strategy, particularly if you’re in the rear row of the classroom.


  1. Water bottle cover — This approach entails removing the label from a water bottle cover, putting notes inside, and then reattaching the label. The information may be retrieved by tilting the bottle at an angle.




  1. Adding answers to previously marked papers and returning them to the instructor – Once the teacher has returned the examinations, you may go through and add or edit the answers to make it seem as though the teacher misunderstood or missed something. After that, you may approach your professor and request that your work be regraded.


Select a Strategy


Some of the finest techniques to cheat on an exam are the ones listed above. You may use any approach you choose as long as the instructor isn’t aware.