Argumentative essay themes are often challenging for students to write about. There are two parts to writing an argumentative essay. The first challenge is to choose an appropriate college essay subject, and the second is to produce a well-researched argumentative essay on it. Argumentative essays may be prepared on a variety of subjects. To accomplish so, you’ll need a guide to help you produce the greatest essay possible on the chosen subject.


Let’s take a look at some of the online argumentative essay ideas at various levels of schooling. We’ll divide essay subjects into several categories and school levels since the degree of difficulty changes from class to class.


The term “argumentative essay” is defined as “a piece of writing


To easily obtain argumentative essay themes on many platforms, you must first comprehend what an argumentative essay is.


The purpose of an argumentative essay is to argue and debate about a subject that is disputed. The essay’s major emphasis and goal are to persuade and convince the reader to believe your point of view on the issue.


Analysis, reporting, processing, and forming conclusions are all done on the issues. We’ve compiled a collection of simple argumentative essay themes for students in this post. A student should be able to debate on a certain issue without resorting to superficial or flowery stuff.


Topics for college argumentative essays


College is for those who want to study at a high level. If you’re in college and need to write an argumentative essay, choose a subject that is important to you. The subject should be relevant to your studies and class level. For college, you won’t be able to select from a list of high school argumentative essay subjects. Debates at the college level are intense. Topics should also be of a high degree of debate. Quantitative analysis, qualitative analysis, reasoning, logic, references, and comparison are all examples of arguments in argumentative essay themes for college. These subjects need much investigation and deliberation.


When it comes to middle school, moderate subjects are included in the argumentative essay. These subjects are mostly related to their academics. Sports, education, behavior, science, social concerns, and other related themes are often included in middle school argumentative essay topics. The volume and intensity of the debate are moderate. The objective of giving middle school kids an essay is to raise awareness and assist them in developing writing abilities. When it comes to high school, the argumentative essay entails a reasonable amount of research on the subject. All of the following themes are included in the list of argumentative essay ideas for high school students. The study’s level of information, on the other hand, is not excessive. In general, it is devoid of references and quotations. It is, nonetheless, permissible to delve into the subject in order to offer the greatest essay possible. Take a look at the following example:


List of 151 Argumentative Essay Topics


The following are some simple argumentative essay topics. You may take a stance and explain why you think one option is better than the other. Take a look at them:


  1. Cats vs. dogs.


  1. Hamburgers vs. pizza.


Star Wars vs. Star Trek is the third battleground.


  1. Pepsi vs. Coca-Cola


  1. Burger King vs. McDonald’s.


  1. Twitter vs. Facebook.


Instagram vs. Pinterest, number seven.


  1. Series vs. movies.


  1. PDF books compared. traditional books


  1. Talent vs. hard effort.


Topics for Controversial Argumentative Essays


We’re all aware that argumentative essays must be built on disagreements, yet certain themes are more contentious than others. This list includes some of the most popular subjects for writing argumentative essays. Take a look at this:


  1. Should same-gender marriages be permitted?


  1. Is racism acceptable?


  1. Is it true that having tattoos makes you a terrible or cruel person?


  1. Is euthanasia a viable option?


  1. Is it appropriate to enable same-gender parenting?


  1. Is it acceptable to tolerate discrimination?


  1. Is it acceptable to pass judgment on someone based on their social status?


  1. Should there be any restrictions on gun ownership?


  1. Do you think marijuana should be legalized?


Is it OK to engage in prostitution?


Essay Topics about Food


Food is an excellent subject for argument. Check out this list if you don’t trust us. You’ll most likely come up with a unique and interesting subject to write about.


  1. Eating at home vs. eating out.


  1. Is it okay to consume meat?


  1. Water vs. soda: which is better?


  1. Gluten-free vs. gluten-containing foods


  1. Baked vs. fried foods.


  1. Lactose-free vs. non-lactose-free food


  1. Is pizza a nutritious meal?


Should children eat snacks?


  1. Are energy drinks good for you?


Should grownups abstain from drinking milk?


Argumentative Essay Topics about Animals


Because we live with animals and have such a strong connection with them, essay themes about animals are always fascinating and passionate. You may find an argumentative essay subject on animals in a variety of topics, including conservation, animal rights, and testing. Here are some excellent ideas.


  1. Why is it OK to use animals in medical research?


  1. It is moral to euthanize stray animals.


  1. Endangered animals are more vital to protect than non-endangered creatures.


  1. It is immoral to capture and keep wild animals as pets.


  1. Animals with advanced intelligence, such as primates, should not be employed in scientific research.


  1. It is immoral to use animal dissection as a teaching technique in schools.


Tethering dogs, for example, is cruel.


  1. Hunting is a fun activity to participate in.


  1. Why conservation is a terrible idea: Why we should let nature take its course and let species become extinct.


  1. It is cruel to kill domestic animals for meat and other items.


Immigration Argumentative Essay Topics


If you’re writing a paper regarding immigration, seek for themes to write about from current and previous events. Here are some excellent immigration-related argumentative essay topics to examine.


  1. Today’s most serious issue in the United States is immigration.


  1. What effect does immigration have on the minimum wage in the United States?


  1. What can be done to enhance US immigration policy?


  1. Examining the benefits of immigration in the United States.


  1. How has the US immigration system changed since 9/11?


  1. How effective are border walls in preventing illegal immigration into the United States?


  1. What are the most pressing issues in Europe related to immigration?


  1. How should the European Union deal with unauthorized immigrants?


  1. Where do illegal immigrants come from in the EU?


  1. What is the relationship between immigration and criminal justice?


Argumentative Essay Topics about Music


Writing an argumentative essay on music may be both enjoyable and rewarding. You have greater freedom to consider music not only as a kind of enjoyment, but also in relation to other disciplines. Here are some amazing music-related debate topics.


  1. Is today’s pop music as good as that of the 1960s?


  1. How has the internet’s growth influenced music?


  1. How do you believe the growth of portable devices will impact the music business in the future?


  1. What function does music play in the growth of a country?


  1. Is music in the contemporary office a distraction?


  1. How do you see the future of music streaming on popular websites?


  1. Music producers have greater influence over the business than performers do.


  1. Is the music streaming business doomed as a result of the download era?


  1. Is it essential to provide a parental label warning on music with harmful lyrics?


Should violent lyrics be prohibited?


Education Argumentative Essay Topics


Another fascinating subject is education, which offers a wide range of topics to choose from. You’ll never run out of subjects to work on, from the greatest argumentative research topics in education psychology to curriculum design. Here’s a selection of education essay themes to help you choose the ideal one to write about:


  1. Is college cheating on the rise?


  1. Should children be drug tested at school?


  1. Should alcohol and cigarette businesses be prohibited from sponsoring education?


  1. Should standardized exams be phased out as a means of assessing student ability in schools?


  1. Is it more necessary to reward high-achieving kids or to provide greater help to low-achieving children?


  1. Arts subjects in schools should be eliminated.


  1. Do you think school days are too short?


  1. What should be done about cyberbullying?


  1. Is it important to have parent-teacher conferences?


  1. What are the most effective ways to discipline delinquent students?


Argumentative Essay Topics for 6th Grade


When a student reaches sixth grade, he or she should be able to investigate simple argumentative essay subjects from a wider viewpoint than elementary students. As a result, fantastic 6th grade essay subject ideas include:


  1. It’s not a good idea to give children too much money.


  1. People who abuse their dogs should be put in prison.


  1. The right to free expression should be restricted.


  1. Students who get bad grades should be disciplined.


  1. Hair that is shorter is preferable than hair that is longer.


  1. Why should all students be allowed to study abroad?


  1. Every youngster should be permitted to have access to a smartphone.


  1. Computer games should be employed in the classroom to teach students.


  1. How do creatures in Antarctica cope with the cold?


  1. Keeping monkeys as pets is cruel.


Topics in Technology


Many of today’s conversations revolve around technological issues. Our lives have been altered by technology, but to what extent? For your next argumentative essay, consider the following topics:


  1. Will robots be able to take over people’s jobs?


  1. Are present technological advancements important, or should we be concentrating our efforts elsewhere?


Apple vs. Android is the third battleground.


  1. Is it possible to combine technology with education?


  1. Are individuals becoming less proactive as a result of technology?


  1. Is Artificial Intelligence a threat?


  1. Is it possible for a bank account to be secure enough to avoid being hacked?


  1. Have humanity become completely reliant on technology?


  1. Does technology have an impact on the environment?


Is it dangerous or beneficial to play video games?


Topics for Teenagers


It’s difficult to be a teenager. There are a lot of things you want to do, a lot of feelings you have, and you’re not sure whether some of the things you’re doing are alright or not. Examine these suggestions to see if any of them pique your interest enough for you to write about.


  1. Is it OK for teens to use alcohol?


  1. Should teens concentrate on their studies or assist at home?


  1. Should teens be allowed to use tobacco?


  1. Should teens use profanity?


  1. Is it appropriate for teens to have sex?


  1. Do kids have a clear understanding of their sexual orientation?


  1. Is it permissible for adolescents to see pornography?


  1. Why do teens choose to use their cellphones instead of sharing with their families?


  1. Should teens be allowed to make their own choices about extracurricular activities?


  1. Is it appropriate for teens to use dating apps?


Topics in Art


Many arguments might arise when it comes to art. Every day, there are more and more themes for an argumentative essay, ranging from art to the film business. Here are a few examples:


  1. Do the OSCARs honor excellent films or those that are very popular?


  1. Old vs. modern pop music


  1. Is techno music at all?


  1. Do you think women in the film business are undervalued?


  1. Is graffiti considered art?


  1. Is art getting the respect it deserves?


  1. Are ready-mades considered art?


  1. Is there racism in the film industry?


  1. Independent vs. commercial cinema.


Is it OK to portray graphic nudity in films?


Advertising and Social Media


Today’s social media is causing a lot of discussion. You may utilize these ideas for your next argumentative essay regardless of your opinion. Take a look at them:


  1. Are individuals becoming less sociable as a result of social media?


  1. Is it acceptable to depict gay couples in advertisements?


  1. Is it OK to use Photoshop to advertise women?


  1. Has advertising turned women into objects?


  1. Do we use social media to promote a fictitious image of ourselves?


  1. Is it possible to have a successful relationship based on social media?


  1. Should explicit nudity on social media be prohibited?


  1. Is it possible to eliminate prejudice on social media?


  1. Does advertising encourage a conceited way of life?


Is social media having an impact on our languages?


Sports-related topics


Debates may be sparked by a variety of things, including sports. In an essay, there are numerous facets of a sport that might be debated. The following are a few of them:


  1. Is chess regarded as a sport?


  1. Is it possible to classify video games as sports?


  1. Should athletes take anabolic steroids?


  1. Is it possible for men and women to form sports teams?


  1. Why do soccer players make such a lot of money?


  1. Are there any compelling reasons to participate in sports?


  1. Is it really required to be in excellent health to participate in sports?


  1. Why is golf regarded as a sport?


  1. Is it possible to earn a livelihood by participating in sports?


Is it important to have talent or to work hard in order to play sports?


Law and Economics


Some of the argumentative essays written on economics or law are quite contentious. In order to produce an excellent paper, it is essential to pick a decent subject. Take some inspiration from the following list:


  1. Capitalism vs. Communism.


  1. Should employers provide extra vacation days?


  1. Is it permissible to represent a criminal?


  1. Should the death penalty be implemented?


  1. Is it acceptable to allow legal abortion?


  1. Is it permissible to verbally insult a coworker?


  1. Why are women better at operating companies than men?


  1. Why is it that presidents and governors are so prone to corruption?


  1. How dependable is your country’s security system?


  1. Are impoverished people subjected to increased police repression?


Other subjects: These other topics may provide inspiration for your next argumentative essay. These contentious issues are always fascinating. For your next paper, try one of these:


  1. Is there a friend-zone?


  1. Is it preferable to marry while you’re young or when you’re older?


  1. Is it true that forgetting your friend’s birthday makes you a terrible friend?


  1. Why are millennials so misunderstood?


  1. Do drugs function or are they only a placebo effect?


  1. Is it OK to flirt with a coworker?


Is it wrong to refuse to marry?


  1. Is it bad to be childless?


  1. Do you believe in ghosts?


  1. Is it immoral to like the same things as your friends?


  1. Is it possible to love many individuals at the same time?


Before writing an argumentative essay, there are a few things to think about.


Professors, instructors, and lecturers often do not assign topics on their own. So your only alternative is to look for assistance finding the greatest argumentative essay themes online. As a result, make sure you choose a subject that is rich in values. The ideal themes for an argumentative essay are current conflicts. If the option is enabled, you may choose from a variety of themes such as politics, religion, environmental conditions, legislation, behavior, family, education, trends, morality, society, and the media. To create a decent essay, you must possess certain abilities. Writing skills, identifying goals, framing subjects, demonstrating instances, persuasive skills, rhetoric and logic, critical thinking, research skills, and drawing conclusions are some of the abilities required. These abilities will aid in capturing the attention of the reader. As a consequence, you’ll get better feedback on your essay writing.


Argumentative essay outline


The structure of an argumentative essay differs from that of other types of essays. The issue is divided into four sections since the major goal is to present arguments and facts. To begin, give a background or introduction to the topic and its main points of contention. Then concentrate on your opponent’s arguments and their justifications. The third phase is arguing and refuting their claims one by one. This is a really important phase. You will not convince the readers to believe your ideas if you are unable to detect their objective. The icing on the cake is the last phase. To the point writing The conclusion will assist you in communicating your ideas to the reader.


These subjects will undoubtedly assist you in writing an excellent argumentative essay, or at the very least provide you with inspiration. If the work still seems to be too difficult, don’t give up and seek expert assistance. There are individuals that are eager to assist you at any time of day.


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