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How to Place an Order: Frequently Asked Questions About Our Service


What method will I use to receive my assignment?


Our method allows you to break down your task into manageable chunks. Following the completion of the relevant documents, you will select your expert from among the volunteers who wish to take on your project and communicate with him or her, giving all of the information. You must pay for this half of the work after the first part of the task is completed. When it’s finished, you’ll go over it, approve it, and then pay for the second half. After that, you’ll get it.


Is it possible to change the requirements of my task?


Yes, as long as no one takes your order to work, you can change the initial specifics. In this instance, be prepared for all of the proposals that have been sent to you to be canceled due to changes in your criteria. As a result, you should remove the previous order and establish a new one with updated information.


What should I do if I dislike my final project?


If our expert’s final product does not meet your expectations and appeals to you, you should contact him or her to repair the flaws and complete your assignment. If you are dissatisfied with the outcome, please contact our customer service staff.


What about passing the test?


We’d be happy to assist you with any of your chores, but it’s against the law to conduct tests for others.


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