Are you having trouble finishing your research paper? or Have you spent time planning a research article but are still unable to approach it? Don’t worry; we’re here to help you with your research paper issue. We’ll look at a research paper example in this blog.

It should go without saying that research papers are a curse for students. Writing a compelling research paper is a time-consuming task. Approaching a research article requires time, effort, and knowledge.

In many ways, a research paper resembles an academic essay, and it is a form of academic writing. Research papers, unlike academic essays, are usually lengthier and more complete projects provided to students to help them enhance their writing and academic research skills. A excellent research paper demands a thorough understanding of your subject, a variety of sources, and a debate.


What is the research paper format?


To produce an excellent research report, you’ll need a format. You may produce a great research paper if you follow the appropriate format. To prevent being irrelevant, it is best to follow a correct format.


It’s important to know what style guide to use before you start writing. It assists you in maintaining control over typography, citation, and grammar.


The most well-known style guides for literary arts subjects are listed below.


APA format (American psychological association)


MLA Format (Modern Language Association)


Chicago/Turabian Manual of Style (CMOS)


AMA (American Medical Association) CBE Style Guides for Scientific and Medical Studies (Council of Biology Editors)


The Components of a Research Paper


A research paper is a description of these investigations that includes the topic, findings, methodology, and other pertinent factors. Look at the examples below for how to describe the tasks in a research paper and how to write a research paper for each component.


The IMRAD (Information, Methodology, Results, and Discussion) methodology should be followed when producing a research paper. Apart from that, a formal research paper usually includes the elements listed below.


In a research article, these points must be addressed.


  1. Front Page


  1. Abstract


  1. Introduction


  1. Background


  1. Methodology


  1. Results


  1. Conclusion


  1. Appendices


  1. Acknowledgment


Examples of Research Paper Points


  1. Front Page


Like any other paper, this page comprises the title of your research. It also requires the name of the author and (if applicable) the institution.




Ragging’s Consequences in Educational Institutions


Delhi University, India, Dr. D.V Shankar


(You may provide many co-writers’ names.)


  1. Synopsis


An abstract is a concise description of your research. It should include a description of the paper and research topic, the significance of your research, research sources, and findings. In the abstract, don’t give any examples.




Ragging has a negative influence on many students in high school and college, regardless of gender. Ragging and a large number of suicide instances are linked. In higher education institutions, it is a multifaceted and ubiquitous phenomenon. As a result, ragging can have a negative impact on a person’s mental and physical health. It is a worrisome issue at the institutes, but there has been little focus on addressing it, and government and individual action should be taken.


Anti-ragging committees, squads, orientation programs, cancellation of admission, fines, suspension from the dormitory, rustication from the college, and other programs are used by institutions to combat ragging. A survey revealed several points of view on the subject. It shows that 45 percent of students believe ragging occurs, whereas 99 percent say that developing a friendship between seniors and juniors is critical. Simultaneously, 87 percent of elders expect to hear “sir” or “madam” from children. But there are instances when it is more.


  1. The Beginning


The introduction informs the reader about your argument or the topic that your research will address. You should emphasize the significance of your research and uniqueness. Make a thesis statement and a question statement.




Ragging is a hot topic at professional universities. Death incidents in India attract the attention of the authorities due to ragging. Political parties and victims’ relatives are pleading with the authorities to intervene as quickly as possible. In order to prevent ragging on college campuses, the government has implemented rigorous standards and warnings. Is it, however, sufficient to combat this threat? We’re eager to see how effective these procedures are in addressing the pupils’ physical, emotional, behavioral, and social issues.


Also See





  1. Historical context


Consider what motivated you to conduct this research in the background section. It’s a spot where you can go over historical details or past research on ragging. Knowing your audience and what details they will read in the rest of your work is also important. See an example of this part in a research paper.




Ragging began as a harmless pastime in western educational institutions, but it has now spread to Indian society in the shape of evil. It has now become a synonym for torture. Ragging nowadays usually results in severe clashes. When a new student denies, he or she becomes a target of harassment. It is a human rights violation. The genuine situation is depicted in the report CURE (Coalition of uprooting ragging from education). It lists ten suicide cases and 10 deaths in India from July 2003 to June 2008. Only 54% of cases were resolved with the help of the police. (You can add more facts and background material.)


  1. Research methods


You must make a list of the methods and sources you use to collect data. In this section, consider if you’re employing qualitative or quantitative methodologies. You must discuss diverse sources such as surveys, experiments, and research.




We gathered data regarding students who had positive or negative ragging experiences using qualitative methodologies. These methods include questionnaires with various questions to determine whether students are fearful of ragging or feel nervous or afraid when confronted with such situations, as well as how this impacts them.


  1. End result


You must state the results of your research. In the conclusion section, describe your findings and expand on the data.




The findings of the survey show a substantial link between ragging and mental health, conduct, ability, and mortality instances. Several students who took part in this survey reported that they have experienced numerous threatening occurrences in their academic lives. We’ve gotten numerous contrast statements from students on this topic. (Can you tell me how students deal with ragging? What physical and mental effects does ragging have on the numerous students? What are the opinions of new students on ragging? In this section, respond to these questions.)


  1. Final Thoughts


In this part, explain why your findings are important. You can check your results and review your paper in the conclusion section. You must determine whether the study requires further investigation.




Although the government and educational institutions have taken strong measures to combat ragging, it continues to thrive at many institutions. There is an urgent need to take other effective efforts to alleviate this evil in order to save the dignity and capacity of the newer student. Furthermore, individuals should view it as a fun activity and treat new students with respect. (If necessary, add further information and make suggestions.)


Appendices (nine)


When you have a lot of material that you can’t fit into your research paper, you’ll need to include an appendix. However, keep in mind that it must be pertinent to your question. You can also include this information as a series of questions.


  1. Have you ever had to deal with your seniors’ ragging?


  1. How did you respond to the ragging?


  1. Have you had any great or negative experiences with ragging?


  1. How do you feel now that you’ve completed the challenge?


  1. Do you have any concerns regarding ragging?


  1. Do you believe that individuals and the government should take action to address this issue?


  1. What makes seniors tease juniors?


  1. Appreciations


You thank the persons who helped you do your research in this area. Fellow researchers, mentors, family members, colleagues, and a focus group of participants may all be included.




I’ve gone over section by section guidelines for research paper examples in this article. I hope you find this essay useful in your research paper writing. We understand that writing a research paper is a difficult task, but with the information provided above, you will have no trouble writing an effective paper. Furthermore, as a necessity of your research paper using the best research paper sample, you must utilize appropriate style guides. Expert research paper assistance is available online.