When it comes to coming up with the most fascinating nursing capstone project ideas, no one is ever sure. Unlike a thesis, which presents practical theories, capstone papers dissect down a topic and provide evidence to support it.






Every college student desires for a one-of-a-kind, relatively simple-to-discuss topic with plenty of supporting evidence that will primarily delight teachers or win them the highest grades. On the plus side, your search for BSN nursing capstone project ideas has come to an end.


We’ve put together a list of over forty inventive nursing project ideas to help you ace your capstone paper. In addition, we will provide you with helpful hints and insights to guarantee that you select the best topic. Of course, our hand-picked nursing capstone topics are outstanding and well-researched to make your life easier. The capstone nursing ideas have been divided into categories based on different nursing specialties. You can see them by clicking on the links below:


Informatics in Nursing Ideas for Capstone Projects


  1. The use of e-learning in healthcare administration


  1. Developing and improving patient safety and security through extensive data analysis


  1. Researching storage and retention options for nursing informatics data


  1. What should be the highest priority for future informatics investment?


  1. How to get reliable nursing information from modern-day systems


  1. A examination of the current health-records system’s benefits and drawbacks.


  1. What is the state of nursing informatics in developing nations at the moment?


  1. Examining the impact of nursing informatics on nursing service quality


Ideas for Nursing Practicum Projects


  1. Dealing with foreign patients in a professional manner


  1. In primary care, data collecting ethics


  1. Stress management techniques for night shift nurses


  1. What is the Nurse Bedside Shift Report and how can I use it?


  1. How do Registered Nurses’ experience and education affect medication errors?


  1. Workplace consequences of purposeful sabotage and bullying for nurses


  1. An examination of nurses’ attitudes about HIV and Aids patients


Nursing Capstone Projects on the Elderly


  1. Adult psychiatric care and mental health difficulties


  1. Effective programs for geriatric obesity and weight management


  1. A case study of older people with joint problems


  1. Interventions for coping with socially impaired conduct in elderly dementia patients


  1. Using technology to improve the safety of nursing home patients


Ideas for Nursing Leadership Projects


  1. The significance of charismatic leadership in nursing leadership


  1. A thorough examination of the issues confronting today’s nurse leaders.


  1. How well do today’s nurse leaders employ organizational methods to inspire their staff?


  1. Leadership skills that deliver excellence in a nursing setting are assessed.


  1. A comparison of nurse leaders’ output in public and private hospitals


  1. Conflict in the emergency room and the role of nurse leaders in resolving it


  1. Charge nurses can use effective ways to help nurses deal with stress and burnout.


Nursing Capstone Project Ideas for the Emergency Room


  1. For nurses working in emergency rooms, there is a link between caring conduct and emotional intelligence.


  1. Examining the relationship between compassion fatigue and physical activity in medical surgical nurses


  1. How might operating rooms be made safer?


  1. Improving patient flow in an urgent care center


  1. Post-transplantation strategies to reduce post-transplantation discomfort among isolated marrow and blood transplant patients


  1. Managing the aftereffects of cancer surgery


BSN Nursing Capstone Project Ideas for Patients Who Have Fallen


  1. Are honey-based wound care treatments effective?


  1. Defining various wound management and treatment approaches


  1. Home-based strategies to prevent patient falls


  1. Using technology to help prevent elderly patients from falling.


  1. Psychiatric patients’ fall risk evaluation


Mental Health Capstone Nursing Project Ideas


  1. The connection between mental illness and homelessness


  1. The Negative Impact of Sexual Assault on Children


  1. Domestic violence’s effects on children


  1. The connection between mental illness and museums, heritage, or art


  1. Assessing psychological rehabilitation readiness


  1. Examining how mental illness affects one’s ability to make independent decisions.


  1. Putting Postnasal Depression in Its Rightful Place


  1. Can non-pharmacological treatments be used to treat dementia patients?


Women’s Health Capstone Nursing Project Ideas


  1. Determining the impact of diabetes on a pregnant woman


  1. Investigating the link between HPV and cervical cancer


  1. Recognizing the frequency of uterine fibroids and cancer in women


  1. What effect does nursing have on a child’s immune system?


We hope that the proposed nursing senior project themes above have helped you solve the puzzle. It should be simple to come up with a suitable topic. It is best to choose a topic that you are enthusiastic about and that has already been well investigated for a variety of ideas. Similarly, avoid themes that are simple because they may appear too easy to the professor, putting you in a difficult situation.


Remember, you can do it yourself by consulting nursing news stories, clinical rounds, and peer-reviewed nursing publications, or you can hire a professional writer on a shoestring budget from websites that offer writing services. The websites provide good examples of nursing capstone projects that you can utilize to verify their quality. If the capstone paper proves to be too difficult, be sure to give them a shot.