In this article you will learn about topic sentences and get to see a list of topic sentences examples that you can use in your own writing.

Topic sentences are one of the foundations of an effective essay. They are used in almost every type of essay, so learning to write good topic statements can be beneficial to students.
This article could be the key to your success in writing outstanding topic sentences. Don’t pass up the examples provided here. As you read, keep in mind that our top writers are available to assist you if you become stuck on your essay assignment or are unable to complete it due to factors such as a busy schedule. You only need to place an order with us!

What is a topic sentence?

A topic sentence is a sentence that introduces an essay’s or paragraph’s main idea.


Elements/Features of a topic sentence

Topic sentences can also be used as paragraph transitions to help readers understand how one idea relates to another.
The best topic sentences stand out from the rest of the text because they are more direct than other sentences, but even if your topic sentence does not stand out on its own, you can make it interesting by using strong language or supporting details.
There is no set formula for writing a good topic sentence because there are so many different types of writings, but following these guidelines will keep you on track with your essay structure.

Use transition words

Your topic sentences may be good, but they can be improved by transitioning from one paragraph to the next. Transition words are useful in this situation.

Easy transition list

To keep your essay flowing, use the transition words listed below.

Topic sentences and control ideas

The topic and the controlling idea are usually the two main components of topic sentences in compare and contrast essays.
The controlling idea is the topic to which the second idea is being compared and contrasted. Controlling ideas are important because they help to demonstrate the contrast between the two topics under consideration.


100 Topic sentences that will definitely boost your writing

Narrative essay topic sentences examples

The following are some narrative essay topic sentence examples that you can use in your writing.
1. Although this trip made me feel small, it also provided me with a sense of place.
2. I always knew I didn’t want to be an artist, but it took me a long time to figure out what I did want.

3. I didn’t know all the parts of a car engine before this trip, but now I can take one apart myself! Everything I know, I learned from my brother. He’s incredibly intelligent!

4. My high school experience was very different from my college experience; as a result of those differences, I changed.

5. I had the most fun I’ve ever had on a family vacation this summer.
6. This was my first trip outside of North America, but there is still so much of the world for me to discover!
7. Going on this trip with my parents taught me that they are not as difficult to get along with as I had previously thought.

8. I’ve been an adopted child my entire life, but going on this trip with my family made me realize that I’m just happy to be with people who love and care about me.

9. People have always been on the move, whether to a new town or another country.
10. The giant squid (Octopus) is a mysterious deep sea creature.
11. Traumatic experiences are frequently the source of the most valuable lessons.

12. The Earth has been around for millions of years, but humans have had a significant impact on the planet’s landscape and environment during that time.

13. I’ve always looked up at the sky since I was a child.

14. I believe I realized that being with the people you care about and love is what matters.

15. I now understand how critical it is to protect our planet for future generations.
16. When I saw them, I saw not only a chance to have fun, but also a chance to meet new friends who knew the same things I did.
17. During our safari trip, we saw many animals that I had never seen before.

18. When we arrived in Antarctica, I noticed that there were few trees or plants, but plenty of snow and ice.

19. The experience taught me that it is critical to express gratitude to others for their efforts.

20. I used to think frogs were cute, but now I realize how dangerous they can be.
21. We had a lot of fun on the trip because we did things we had never done before.
22. The trip was fantastic because it taught us to value the little things in life.

23. Despite the fact that we were only there for two days, those were the most interesting days of my life.

24. Allow me to tell you a story about something that happened to me one summer in my hometown.

25. During our trip to the Grand Canyon, I noticed that it was unlike any other place I had ever visited.

26. Going up and down the river on a boat was the most exciting part for me.
27. When I first arrived at the zoo, I noticed that there wasn’t much there other than some cages with animals inside.
28. Seeing this type of place made me realize that some people do not have the freedom to run around like we do every day.

29. My favorite part of the trip was going to the amusement park and riding all of the different rides.

30. I used to watch Indiana Jones movies with my brother until I realized that being a scientist isn’t as exciting or scary as they make it out to be.


Argumentative essay topic sentences

Consider the following interesting topics for your next argumentative essay.
1. File-sharing websites, such as The Pirate Bay, are one of the most recent ways that technology has spawned new types of criminals.
2. Companies should require armed security on board before sending employees to countries in the Horn of Africa where pirates are known to operate.

3. Many people believe that today’s pirate is simply a product of his surroundings.

4. In many ways, piracy has devolved from an important part of human history to something minor and unnoticed.’

5. The use of scripture in Rowlandson’s autobiography, The True History of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson’s Captivity and Restoration, reflects Puritan reliance on a non-traditional God in times of adversity.
6. Much of Sally Mann’s work is about the dualities that seem to separate and constantly conflict the south.
7. Over the years, many interesting stories have been written about pirates.

8. My daughter has always wanted a dog, but our landlord would not allow it… has made me think hard about how to give her the same experience that I would like to give her.

9. Pirates are a fascinating topic because of how much they have changed over time, and there is still some mystery surrounding them even today…. When we think about piracy, we wonder what our future holds.
10. Japanese culture, particularly anime, has inspired many artists around the world to use this style to create new and unique artwork.
11. Depending on the type of music you listen to, you can help yourself relax or feel happier by listening to it.

12. If you are attending a formal event for the first time with someone, there are a few things you should keep in mind to help the event run smoothly.

13. A club where you can dance is a good place to go if you want to meet new people.
14. I enjoy watching movies and going to the theater.
15. If you want to watch good foreign films, go online and look for a movie streaming site.

16. We all like to think of ourselves as distinct individuals who frequently make our own rules, but are we really that different from the rest of the world?

17. Despite the fact that there are many things going on around you, there is only one thing on which you should concentrate your time and energy.

18. I enjoy reading e-books because there is no waiting time for them to arrive.

19. One reason I like to buy books online is that the website frequently sells books that are not widely available.
20. Thinking about what you enjoy and then opening a business in that industry is a good way to decide what type of business your company should open.
21. Over the past few years, one of my passions has been teaching other students how to study more effectively for their classes.

22. I was always fascinated as a child by stories about pirates and their treasure.

23. The reality of online dating is that it is not as exciting or glamorous as many people portray it to be.

24. If you do not gain experience in something when you are young, you may have the opportunity later in life when you are older.
25. Creating a website where customers can find additional information about your company is one way to attract customers in the twenty-first century.
26. In order to impress others, you must be willing to spend money and time on things that, at first glance, appear silly or unnecessary.

27. After learning about the evolution of Asian culture over the last few centuries, I have a new appreciation for how hard people had to work back then.

28. Any woman who enjoys shopping on the Internet should investigate all of her options for online shopping.
29. The most important aspect of attending college is selecting a college with which you are comfortable.
30. While much research has been conducted on business and how it affects other aspects of our lives, little has been written about the impact that social media has had on these businesses.

31. The best way to improve your generation’s understanding of what happened in the twentieth century is to encourage them to conduct as much research as possible on this time period.

32. It is critical to keep your life goals in mind and to complete at least one of them on a regular basis.


Compare and contrast essay topic sentences

Do you need some inspiration for compelling compare and contrast topic sentences? We have your back. Consider the following examples.
1. While both Batman and Spiderman are fantastic superheroes, their approaches to fighting crime are very different.
2. Despite fighting in separate battles, both pirates Blackbeard and Black Bart died horribly.

3. Despite their different nationalities, Marie Antoinette and Jackie Kennedy both met tragic and divisive ends.

4. Despite their low cost and straightforward design, Apple computers have long been regarded as having the best functionality of any brand.

5. While Frank Lloyd Wright is widely regarded as a great architect, his buildings were frequently distinguished by a focus on function rather than aesthetics.

6. The actions of young people during the 1960s riots established the current tone for political action that we see today.
7. Despite the fact that the French Revolution of 1789 began as a fight for democracy, the end result was more about violence than freedom.
8. Basketball players Michael Jordan and LeBron James, despite being considered the best at their positions, have been part of some of history’s greatest teams.

9. Despite being popular in different decades, the Beatles and Rolling Stones rock bands may have influenced each other’s music.

10. Despite their stark differences, Shakespeare and Moliere are both regarded as literary giants.

11. Despite her young age at the time of her death, Mozart wrote music that is regarded as some of the best written by a person of his time.
12. Despite being two different emperors, both Roman Augustus and Napoleon III had profound effects on Europe.
13. Despite only playing together for a short time, Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal were valuable members of the Los Angeles Lakers.

14. Despite their differences in many ways, Thomas Edison and Benjamin Franklin both had a positive impact on our world today.

15. Though Andrew Carnegie is regarded as a labor movement hero, his business philosophy differed from that of union supporters.

16. Despite the fact that Walt Disney and Stephen Spielberg were both famous film directors, their films did not belong to the same genre.
17. While Socrates is best known as a great philosopher in Western society, he also played an important role in Eastern politics.
18. While the American Revolution helped shape our political system, the French Revolution of the same era is often remembered as far more violent.

19. Despite their opposing viewpoints on life, both Buddha and Plato were religious leaders who believed in man’s quest for knowledge.

20. Though the personalities of The Beatles’ two members differed, both Ringo Starr and John Lennon were critical to the band’s early success.

21. Despite their similar titles, Julius Caesar and Napoleon Bonaparte took very different approaches to gaining power as Rome’s leaders.
22. Though many believe William Shakespeare wrote much of his work for a theater audience, many believe his works were intended to have a universal appeal.
23. Though they are frequently remembered together, George Washington and Benjamin Franklin had very different political philosophies regarding the establishment of a stable democracy in America.

24. Despite the fact that both William Shakespeare and Moliere wrote plays that are still read today, their writing styles were vastly different.

25. Though both men are remembered for their intelligence, Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein frequently disagreed on certain physics theories.

26. While many people believe that Moses was a great leader who wrote several books that helped shape Western society today, others believe that Moses was a combination of different leaders.
27. Despite being two of the most successful British monarchs to rule England, Victoria and Elizabeth II were very different from one another.
28. Though one is regarded as a labor movement hero, Henry Ford and Tony Blair’s approaches to business were more dissimilar than similar.

29. Though both are remembered for their societal contributions, Leonardo da Vinci is widely regarded as one of the greatest painters. At the same time, Michelangelo is well-known for his sculptural work.
30. Though both Joan of Arc and Queen Elizabeth I were important figures in their time, their lives were very different.
31. Aristotle and Plato were both Greek philosophers who believed in the concept of knowledge as a means to power, despite their vastly different contributions to society.

32. Despite the fact that they both led the French Revolution, Maximilien Robespierre and Napoleon III had very different ideas about how their society should be run.

33. Despite Charles Darwin’s famous theory of evolution, many believe Alfred Russell Wallace was the first to propose it.
34. Despite the similarities in their art, Oscar Wilde and Edgar Allan Poe frequently disagreed on the value of literature and poetry.
35. Though Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, and Jesse Jackson are all remembered for their leadership in black civil rights movements, each of these leaders took a very different approach to race politics in America.

36. While we often remember these two leaders as being diametrically opposed, Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin are regarded as pivotal figures in the Russian Revolution.

37. Despite being from opposing political parties, Abraham Lincoln and George W. Bush shared many ideas about how to best preserve democracy in America.
Despite their differences, Alfred Hitchcock and Alfred Eisenstaedt were both influential photographers.
39. While we often think of John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan as being fundamentally opposed, both men were influential in the conservative movement during their respective eras.

40. While many people regard Joan Crawford and Bette Davis as two very different actresses, their film careers share more similarities than differences.


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