Do you want a comprehensive list of ancient history topics? If you’re reading this, it’s because you are. Our ENL writers have just finished revising our list of 100 ancient history subjects for 2022, and we are really excited to share it with you. Of course, you are free to use any of our topics. You are free to rephrase and use them without giving us credit. Remember, we do our best to keep the list up to date as often as possible. We want to make sure that students have a wide variety of creative and interesting themes to choose from. And we’re not simply talking about topics for ancient world history research papers.

Why Did We Pick These Ancient History Topics?

We have research paper topics on every subject you can think of, including ancient art history research paper topics. Why would you pick one of our topics, though? That’s an excellent question! Here are a few of the reasons for this:





We understand your eagerness to get to the list of ancient history research paper themes. So, without further ado, here are our most popular themes to far, divided into 18 primary categories. Take your pick and get started on your amazing essay right away!


Topics for Ancient History Research Papers


If you have a research paper to write, we have the finest option for you right here. Take a look at some of our fantastic ancient history research paper topics:


  1. Talk about ancient Greek philosophy.


  1. The police force of ancient Rome


  1. The ascent to power of Alexander the Great


  1. Ancient history’s biggest army


  1. Ancient Greece’s voting procedure


Topics for Historical Research History of the Ancients


Do you want to do some investigative writing? Why not choose one of our historical investigation subjects ancient history to obtain some more points on your paper?


  1. Ancient Rome and Ancient Egypt have a lot in common.


  1. Gladiatorial Games in Rome: Myths vs. Reality


  1. The Khanate of Genghis Khan and the Khanate of Genghis Khan


The first barbarian states are number four.


  1. A detailed examination of the Battle of Issus


Topics on Ancient China that are Simple


Ancient China covers a wide range of topics. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time composing the paper, we have some great easy ancient China subjects for you:


  1. The Zhou dynasty’s decline


  1. The Mongol Empire’s Ascendancy


  1. Talk about the Ming Dynasty.


  1. When did the Han dynasty fall out of favor?


  1. Examine the Battle of Changping.


Wang Mang’s reforms are number six.


Debate Topics in Ancient History


If you’re looking for an original ancient history debate topic, you should definitely consider one of these original ancient history argument topics:


  1. Europe and Asia’s Dark Ages


  1. The Middle Ages and Women


  1. European Medieval Law


  1. Talk about the Islamic Empire.


  1. The Crusades’ Importance


  1. When did the first medieval universities appear?


Topics for Ancient History Papers


Finding decent subjects these days can be difficult, especially when all of your peers are looking for ideas online. Right now, choose an excellent ancient history paper topic:


  1. Ancient Rome’s greatest ruler


  1. Ancient Egypt’s most despised king


  1. The Roman social classes


  1. Christianity in Ancient Rome: Its Evolution


Topics in Prehistoric History


Do you want to write about prehistoric occurrences? Because few of your peers will chose these topics, this is a good decision. Start writing on one of these prehistoric history topics:


  1. Talk about prehistoric Britain.


  1. Arabia in the prehistoric era


  1. The European Bronze Age


  1. Investigate prehistoric Arabia


Topics for Argumentative Essays about Ancient History


Writing an argumentative essay is not tough, as we all know. Finding perfect topics, on the other hand, can be difficult. We’ve produced a list of the best ancient history argumentative essay themes to assist you:


  1. Ancient Greek sexuality


  1. Discuss Hippocrates’ influence on modern medicine.


  1. The Battle of Hannibal vs. Rome


  1. Julius Caesar: Rome’s most powerful governor


  1. Greek drama’s beginnings


  1. Examine Helen of Troy’s mythology.


Ancient Rome History Topics


Ancient Rome offers a plethora of history essay themes. However, not all of them are deserving of extra credit. Use one of these ancient Rome history themes to ensure you earn a good grade:


  1. Examine Romulus’ leadership qualities.


  1. The Roman army’s organization


  1. The Romans are fighting the Germanic tribes.


  1. Aqueducts in Rome


  1. Ancient Rome’s Gods


  1. The construction of the Coliseum


Topics for Ancient Greece Research that are Simple


As long as you choose the correct themes, writing about ancient Greece shouldn’t be difficult. Pick one of these quick ancient Greece study topics to save time:


  1. Examine illuminated manuscripts from the Middle Ages.


  1. Discuss ancient Greece’s geography.


  1. When did democracy first emerge in Athens?


  1. Discuss the wars between the Greeks and the Persians.


Sparta from a Greek perspective


  1. Examine three important ancient Greek colonies.


  1. How did the Acropolis come to be?


Ideas from 10,000 BC to 1500 AD


Perhaps your professor has set a restriction of 1,500 AD for your research. No problem; we’ve got just what you’re looking for. Consider the following ideas from 10,000 BC to 1,500 AD:


  1. The samurai’s rise to power in ancient Japan


  1. Talk about Taoism in Japan.


  1. The Quran’s significance in early Islamic states


  1. The most significant discoveries made throughout the Middle Ages in China


  1. The growth of Europe’s biggest cities


Ancient African History PhD Topics


Are you getting ready to start your PhD? It can be difficult to come up with a good topic. Here are some PhD topics in ancient African history that you might be interested in:


  1. Discuss the papyrus discoveries in Punt.


  1. Hegemony of the Carthaginians in the Mediterranean


  1. Examine the coinage of Aksum and the kingdom of Aksum.


  1. The Songhai Empire’s Rise in Africa


Interesting Ancient History Topics


You should definitely write about a cool new topic if you want to gain some substantial bonus points on your report. Take a look at these interesting ancient history subjects (all of which have been updated for 2022):


  1. The conflict between Jesus and ancient Rome


  1. Compare and contrast the cultures of Rome and Greece.


  1. Examine the history of America’s colonization.


  1. Discuss Constantine the Great’s most notable characteristics.


  1. Consider the Persian Wars.


  1. Talk about the Peloponnesian War.


Topics for a Research Paper on Ancient Chinese History


Writing a research paper on ancient Chinese history is far more challenging than you might assume. Choosing one of these ancient Chinese history research paper themes, on the other hand, will make things easier:


  1. Examine the Hakkas.


  1. Medicine in Chinese society before the Han Dynasty


  1. Examine the differences and similarities between the Mongols and the Manchus.


  1. The Tang dynasty’s Buddhist persecution


  1. Analysis of ancient Chinese script


  1. China’s size during the Yuan era.


Topics in Ancient History That Are Interesting


We understand that you want to write about the most engaging topics possible. We also understand your desire to stand out among your peers. So, why don’t you pick one of these fascinating ancient history subjects:


  1. A brief overview of ancient Chinese history


  1. Ancient Egypt’s Destruction


  1. Talk about Re’s Tears (the god)


  1. In ancient Rome, the soldier was a social class.


Topics about Ancient Greece


We don’t know where to begin writing about ancient Greece because there is so much to say. Choose one of our ancient Greece subjects and get started writing right away:


  1. Examine Epirus, an ancient Greek province.


  1. Discuss Koinon’s leadership abilities.


Argos is a city-state in Greece.


  1. The Athens Archons


  1. Philosopher Anaximenes


  1. Minoan Civilization Period


  1. The Dark Ages in Greece


Topics about Ancient Rome that are simple to research


Ancient Rome, like ancient Greece, has a wealth of interesting events and individuals about which a student can write. Use one of our simple ancient Rome subjects instead of wasting your time:


  1. The reasons for the Roman Empire’s demise


  1. The rich and the impoverished in Rome’s lives


  1. Talk about the Roman’s organizing abilities.


  1. Research Rome’s beginnings.


  1. A look at the period of the Early Republic


  1. Examine Rome’s military expansion.


  1. The Late Republic period and internal strife


Topics for Ancient Egypt Research


There is a lot of knowledge available on ancient Egypt, but there aren’t many unique issues that would be relevant in 2022. Here’s a fresh batch of ancient Egypt study ideas:


  1. Egypt’s protodynastic period


  1. Talk about the ancient Egyptian language.


  1. Discuss ancient Egyptian art.


  1. Construction of the first pyramid


  1. Talk about a major Egyptian conflict.


  1. Ancient Egyptian cuisine


Prehistoric Topics of Interest


Prehistoric subjects are never boring, especially since archeologists discover fresh and intriguing things every year. In 2022, the following are the most intriguing prehistoric topics:


  1. Discuss Europe’s Bronze Age.


  1. In ancient China, there was a Stone Age.


  1. The Iron Age’s Technology


  1. Talk about the Neolithic Revolution.


  1. Prehistoric artists’ renderings of animals


  1. Art from the Middle Paleolithic period


But what if you require even more ancient history research paper topics? Even if this is exceedingly uncommon, it’s possible that you didn’t discover the topic you were looking for in our list. So, if you require additional topics, we are here to assist you. Simply contact My Homework Done and ask for a new list of suggestions. We’ll develop a list of themes particularly for you, all of which will be 100 percent original. Any student looking for ancient history essay themes should come to us!